What millennials really vote for

what millennials really vote for

The millennial vote will be earned not with a tweet, but with real issues. Courtesy of http://galleryhip.com/millennial-generation-infographic.html

I’m not usually one to give political commentary, but today, I’m giving my opinion about the supposedly forward-thinking strategy today’s candidates are relying on to secure the Gen-Y vote.

I read a ridiculously long article today about the 2016 GOP candidates sharing their youth through social media and music tastes. Big-shot political strategists swear these “hip” activities will endear these candidates to millennials and get them that much closer to the Oval Office.

Well, I’m a millennial and I can tell you what will get my vote: results.

I don’t care if a candidate knows how to tweet or post or tag or pin. I care if he or she can negotiate and persuade and solve and act.

I’m actually insulted that candidates believe they can buy my vote just by throwing around the world “social media.” Is that really the only thing they think I care about? Yes, we’re the digital generation, but we’re more than that.

We care about the environment, charity, business, immigration, health care, the economy, foreign affairs. We know and are just as concerned with the issues as any other demographic, yet we are still being treated as an immature, simple mass of people who will vote for the politician with the strongest digital vocabulary.

Millennials could be the game-changers in this election. There are a lot of us and we can influence a huge number of people very quickly. We are important to politicians, and they think they can win us over with a few buzzwords. Well, I think they’re wrong.

Well, we’re not simple. We are diverse. We are unique. We are aware. We are active. We are invested in our future.

We will not let our vote be bought with a buzzword.

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