Midnight proverb

My greatest revelations often come either in the shower or when driving, particularly at night. Driving home late one night, this thought came into my head.

Only open minds have room for beauty.

yellow flower in b and w

Only open minds have room for beauty. Courtesy of http://hidden-beauty-photo.blogspot.com/2012/02/selective-coloring.html

I hadn’t been contemplating much that night, but this thought was just suddenly as clear to me as my headlights cutting through the dark woods.

This idea certainly seems accurate to me, though. In all my classes last semester and in many of my thoughts about life this whole year, the concept of understanding has been at the forefront of my mind. The more I’ve allowed myself to learn and listen to those around me, the more I’ve come to see beauty where I never thought I would. I’ve found a love of new colors, passions for new fields, a renewed enthusiasm for service, and an appreciation of difference.

In being more open to people and ideas around me, I’ve gained a new appreciation for life.

You can choose to hold onto your judgments, your stereotypes, your biases. You can choose to see the worst in people. You can choose to let the news depress you. You can choose to watch the world burn. You can choose to let your mind be clouded by cynicism.

Or you can choose to let these things go and leave room for the beauty of the world.

Beauty is everywhere in everything–you just have to be open to seeing it.

This is what I choose to do. I choose to have an open mind to leave room for beauty.

Midnight proverb - JustJaymesBlog

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