Beauty, not inferiority

I just don’t understand why some people have a need for negativity.

At breakfast this morning, I sat near a table of people all sitting and talking. Seemed normal until I started listening to what they were saying. The girls at the table seemed to have an opinion about everything–a negative opinion. If someone walked by wearing light-washed jeans, they said they were so lame wearing “dad jeans.” If a girl sat near by and had bacon on her plate, they talked about how she’s such a fatty. As soon as someone mentioned a class, they would complain about how the professor was such a [enter expletive here] and it was such a waste of their time.

I just don’t understand why they had to say something negative about every little situation. They could not just let something be. They had nothing even remotely positive to say about anything. I don’t know how they live this way. I felt depressed just hearing them.

The girls did not see the people around them as real human beings with real feelings and real life stories. They saw them as objects to criticize. They saw them as opportunities to rise above the rest by stomping on the heads of others.

It reminded me of a line from¬†Mean Girls¬†where Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady, is competing in a mathlete competition and has to face a “far-from-plastic” female opponent.

Miss Caroline Krafft seriously needed to pluck her eyebrows. Her outfit looked like it was picked out by a blind Sunday school teacher. And she had some 10-cent lip gloss on her snaggletooth.

And that’s when I realized, making fun of Caroline Krafft wouldn’t stop her from beating me in this contest. Calling somebody else fat won’t make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George’s life definitely didn’t make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.

Putting someone down doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make you smarter, prettier, or more respected. It makes you hateful. It puts a weight on your heart. It makes you cynical. It keeps you from seeing just how beautiful the world can be. It makes you mean.

This is not the way we are called to live.

I don’t mean to sound pious, but I believe every person is a child of God and should be treated like the beautiful creation they are. Sure, I might not like one girl’s outfit or think a guy’s accent is odd, but I do not see these differences as something that makes them inferior–I choose to see them as things that make them beautifully unique.

We may not be able to control much about the world, but we can control what we put into it. Other people may muddy the waters with curses, criticisms, and hatred, but we have the ability to counteract this with praises, encouragements, and love.

Everyone is a creature of God. Treat them as such.

Beauty not inferiority - JustJaymesBlog

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